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2023 has landed and the Barefoot family are ready!

With 2022 fading into the distance of the proverbial Barefoot Farm rear vision mirror, the road ahead can only look like a much smoother ride. With our region experiencing catastrophic flooding in later February, we’ll be negotiating the resulting potholes for years to come. But in the timeless words of somebody a lot smarter than me “onwards and upwards”!

There are at least eleven-teen exciting new things in the pipeline. We’ve got new products about to transition from the conceptual stage to human trialling and an initiative that could possibly involve turtles and a glacier. We look forward to spamming your inbox over the next couple weeks all in the name of community engagement and customer interaction.

Until then…Ash, myself and everybody else remotely associated with Barefoot Farm wish you and your loved ones a happy New Year! To celebrate the arrival of 2023 we are gifting a free sample packet of our Goodie Balls for every order placed in January (and for the few people that ordered after Christmas). It’s our way to say “Thanks for your support” it means the world to our family.


Peace Love and Pecans
Matt and Ash

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