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A Place to Call our own, HARVEST deli.

I can’t even begin to comprehend how many articles, blog and vlogs, posts or shares have been written and recorded about Harvest Deli in Newrybar. I assume a large proportion of their reviews are excellent, some mediocre and a fair share of scathing…each to their own. Living just down the road, we’ve watched Harvest Deli over the years ebb and flow with what’s trending, customer demographic and shifting in focus as executive chefs come and go; and I’d say that it’s currently kicking all the goals. (In our very humble opinion)


Each day, in the cool early morning air the local coffee crowd often catch up and sit on the edge of the garden beds while soaking up some gentle sun before heading off to begin their day. The deli offers a delicious range of freshly made sandwiches, pastries and salads which satisfy the light lunch/morning tea kinda crowd. Particularly on the weekend when they fire up the old historic wood fire oven to bake some of the best breads and croissants in the region. You need to get there early as it often sells out, you all know the early bird and worm situation by now. 


Take the time to browse the European style deli and check out the charcuterie and cheese room on the back wall. There’s even a working bee hive display in the corner…very cool. When we were there last a local farmer dropped off a crop of watermelons and was selling them out of a wheelbarrow. Being conscious of food miles, seasonality, showcasing the region and focusing on the Paddock to Plate food trend has been a key element to Harvest Deli and the fine dining restaurant next door, not surprisingly named Harvest.

The surrounding gardens are always full of cottage style blooms, fresh vegetables and plenty of shade to escape the blistering sun. They’ve recently acquired the neighbouring property which has allowed them to expand their outdoor space to include a beautiful lawn area and live music stage. We always walk around the gardens looking for ladybirds or smelling the flowers. It’s a really unique way to spend time with our kids. On the other side of the bottom carpark is a kids play area with a few chickens. We’ve also been to a few events down there where they light up the big open fire and cookup some delicious meats over the hot coals. Couple that with a few refreshing craft brews and it always leads itself to a really enjoyable afternoon.

So, a heartfelt THANK YOU to everybody that has made Harvest a Northern Rivers institution. Our region is blessed to have you guys working so hard everyday to maintain a high standard of food, service and a sense of community and belonging.

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