Happy 2021 Barefooter’s

​Happy New Year to the beautiful Barefooters​ out there!

We would like to acknowledge all of our customers who supported us in 2020. We had an unprecedented year which included the tail end of the devastating bushfires, three local floods and the sad closing of our on farm cafe due to the COVID restrictions, however we are excited for what this new year has installed for all of us on Barefoot Farm. 

Details at the moment are a well guarded secret but over the past couple weeks we’ve been busy in the kitchen making, baking and tasting a new range of products which will be released throughout the year. Our goal as a business is to make the yummiest and healthiest (with a touch of indulgence) food possible whilst flying the pecan nut flag high and proud. Our paddock to plate ethos is strong within our framework which we hope to convey better to our customers this year. 

We are looking forward to sharing with you intimate insights to our farming daily life, telling you about our sustainability goals and actions all while showing you more about what we do here on Barefoot Farm Byron but most importantly WHY we do what we do.

If you haven’t already, signed up to our mailing list DO IT !!!! you will receive exclusive deals and offers for when these new products are released as well as pop up sales and giveaways through the year.  Also just for you we will be emailing out regular recipes, health and wellbeing tips and some fun pecan facts as well.

Taking time out helps restore the passion.
Refreshed and ready for 2021 !!!

PEACE, LOVE & PECANS, Matt & Ash xx

Finding the Silver Lining

Amidst the recent searing drought, devastating bushfires, damaging floods and now the COVID-19 pandemic, a small pecan processor and gourmet value adding operation has found the silver lining within the environmental and economic chaos.

During the COVID-19 isolation, Barefoot Farm fast tracked their online sales and marketing strategy to take advantage of a nationwide increase in internet browsing. Simultaneously, the team at Barefoot Farm increased their weekly Farmers Market commitments to include 5 markets a week with goals of a further 5 a week once restrictions are eased.

“We closed our café because of COVID and to adhere to government restrictions; we then pivoted quickly into online sales and Farmers Markets which were deemed as essential services” Co-owner of Barefoot Farm, Matt James said.

“We are now giving our gourmet pecan products the time and energy they deserve. We are two chefs with a passion for the Paddock-To-Plate ethos and I believe our customers can taste that in our products”

“The idea behind value added products is fairly simple but sometimes it takes a worldwide pandemic to throw your hat in to the ring” Matt says. “We were apprehensive as we’d been running the café and Barefoot Farm parallel to each other for a few years, but to actually severe the ties to one of your businesses for the betterment of the other was really hard”. “But once that leap of faith was made and we stood behind our decision we haven’t looked back. I’d encourage anybody considering value adding as a business choice to ensure they’ve got a good quality product and don’t be afraid of the public because they want to know and buy from their local farmers” Ash remarked.

The ambitious couple have developed a very loyal following during their 6 year tender of The Eltham Valley Pantry, and are sad to close its doors after 13 years of operation. However, their famous pecan pie lives on! “The kitchen was originally designed for the weekend café trade but have now repurposed it to cater exclusively for pecan pie manufacturing and baking our extensive gourmet pecan value added products” Matt says. “We now have more time to dedicate to baking products and can attend more Farmers Markets and increase online sales”.

“We also have our third child due in August so we’re really happy with the transition from café owners to pecan extraordinaires” Ash continued.

With all eyes forward the pair have goals of stocking more cafes, delis, butchers and speciality shops with their range of gourmet pecan range, increasing their online sales and attending more Farmers Markets. With the Paddock-To-Plate ethos the pair take great satisfaction in meeting new customers and having pecan pies, chocolate coated pecans or their irresistible maple roasted pecans going into more households across the country. “We love our food, we love our customers and our focus is to see more people eating pecans!” Matt and Ash say almost in unison.