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It’s time to say goodbye to a Barefoot Farm favourite.

After restocking our incredible retail partners post Christmas we are left with only 3 jars left for sale on the website, run don’t walk!!!!

It is with a heavy heart and sadness in our voices that we pass on this distressing and tragic news. It has been a flavoursome journey that all began between two buns as an infant before finally laying to rest beside a well aged Stilten. Coming from bold pedigree with the courage to stand up against sceptics, you were eventually able to rise among the ranks to heights never experience by a single condiment. 


With the death of such a prominent member of our product suite, we would like to pay tribute to a few noteworthy additions who featured heavy during your life and success. Rosemary, for her added notes. Balsamic for his age and wisdom. The twins Red and White Wyne for their robust and equally subtle bouquet. Finally the master behind the label sliced Brown Onion, for her raw ability to be thrown into any situation, sweat it out and break down to deliver such a sweet yet complex outcome.


You will be sorely missed French Style Caramelised Onion. You have been a versatile accompaniment for years and have touch so many lives and tastebuds. Beautifully sweet with deep notes that took inspiration from French style cuisine. Farewell old friend, you will never be forgotten.


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