How to Dukkah

Follow these simple 5 steps to have a Dukkahing great time!


  • Servings:
  • Prep Time: 5min
  • Cooking Time: 0min
  • Total Time: 5min


  • Spiced Pecan Dukkah
  • Dipping oil
  • Dippers - try sourdough, crackers or vege sticks


  1. Get your self some of Barefoot Farm 'Spiced Pecan Dukkah' and open that bag of yum
  2. Treat your self to a set of 3 dipping bowls pour your dukkah into one of the 3 bowls
  3. Oil, fill one bowl of a suitable dipping oil, we love rice bran, macadamia even a light olive works great this will coat your choice of dippable snack and help the dukkah stick
  4. Get those dippable snacks going, toast of some of your favourite sourdough, get some crackers or cut some crunchy vegetable sticks pop into bowl 3
  5. You have arrived at dukkah heaven, makes for a healthy quick snack, amazing kids finger food, great with a cheese platter or as a simple dinner party starter