Dark Chocolate and Pecan bark

OK, It’s no secret i love chocolate. Like I LOVE chocolate, I’m also on a mission to make healthy eating choices that satisfy my sweet tooth while nourishing my body.

Lets talk chocolate – for this recipe, use the highest quality chocolate you can afford. I prefer to use a low sugar, dairy free chocolate, and make my Pecan bark a healthy, antioxidant packed snack.

Below is a recipe for two of my favourite Pecan barks, but get creative, you know what you like to snack on and the key here is to be creative and have fun eating healthy. #pecansforhealth

Chocolate Pecan Crunch Raw Vegan Gluten free Keto Paleo

Chocolate Pecan Crunch

This little slice is packed full of protein and healthy fats. It will keep you going all day as a mid morning snack, pre gym work out boost or as a healthy indulgence.