Barefoot Farm Pecan Butter recipe

Creamy Pecan Butter

Pecan Butter (with a cinnamon twist)
With their naturally buttery composition, Pecans can make the most amazing nut butter you’ll ever taste. With the overwhelming health benefits of pecans and the incredible ease of turning them into butter, you’ll be earmarking this recipe to use over and over and over again! And the best thing – you can put your own unique twist on this recipe to customise it for a particular meal or event or even to suit your current favourite ingredient. Pecan butter is perfect to spread on your morning toast, but it can be used on a wide range of dishes in a variety of ways: – Take your desserts to the next level with a topping of pecan butter – Serve a steak with some pecan butter and your favourite hot sauce – Throw your guests a twist with some pecan butter on your next charcuterie board Whatever you have planned, this pecan butter recipe can be tailored to suit your needs. And, well… it’s just so easy!