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Robust is the “New Black”, not everything will go to plan.

Being Robust is the new Black.

We’ve all heard it before; “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”…but it’s not as simple as repeating a few well rehearsed mantras when something doesn’t swing in your favour let alone making a sweet refreshing beverage. Adding to any drama can be the usual multipliers: finances or family where a combination of events can turn into a world imploding situation with cataclysmic ramifications seemingly destined to alter the human race.

Well…we experienced such an event and it all started on Christmas Day.

Cringe, we hear the collective sigh….

It started when we noticed the front tyre of our car was slightly flat. Nothing to raise an eyebrow at but something that needed addressing. We diligently went to the service station, administered the required amount of air and continued upon our very merry Christmas-y way. Two days of eating and indulging ensued before we noticed that the tyre was again a little sorry looking. Suspecting a slow leak we administered more air and scheduled an appointment with the local tyre centre.

Did I mention it was now that unusual void period between Christmas and New Years in a coastal town where days, dates and routine magically disappear? (It gives context as to how the story progresses).

Anyway, the next morning we drove down to the beach on a tyre that was holding air and returned from our swim with a tyre that no longer resembled a plump disc but more a French crepe. A simple tow to the tyre centre and we were soon informed that the slow leak was actually the result of a cracked rim. No worries, pop on the spare and we’ll fix after the holidays. HA! NOPE!

Unbeknownst to us mere mortals, the spare tyre that was sold when we bought the vehicle wasn’t compatible and couldn’t be driven on for any extended period of time. No problem…we’ll buy a new spare I hear you say. Not happening. No hubs available, no spares around, no Facebook solutions and no Youtube ideas. So nothing could be done until eating some Christmas leftovers and brainstorming.

Solution. We drove the infamous cracked wheel hub another hour further west on a public holiday to be welded back together by an old cockie we called on a landline who was the neighbour of a friends mate. Seriously! Christmas holiday’s aren’t meant to be spent like this. Despite all the obstacles the wheel rim was expertly welded and we headed back to the beach for a well deserved swim.

But, as we rolled back into our quaint coastal retreat the car coughed and splattered. Perfect timing for the alternator to give up the ghost. We are now stuck at the beach without a working vehicle until after New Years. Our car troubles have really gone up a gear and are now more exciting than the hotly anticipated midnight NYE fireworks.

Three days later after countless swims in the ocean and many miles walking up the road for a coffee, the alternator was installed…NOT! Due to a misdiagnosis by two independent mechanics the alternator was deemed in sound working order all along and a mere battery would have saved the day.

Anyhoo, the car starts like it should, the rim was repaired and the tyre was fitted. Our journey home was finally underway 5 days later than we anticipated but we had a great time connecting as a family and resigning to “if it’s meant to be, it will be”.


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