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Take 3 for the sea !!!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I’ve said it to myself countless times to varying levels of success. Well…this time it’s for real. Ash and I are embarking on a journey that involves realigning our business to meet our environmental values. Back in 2018 we installed a 15kW solar system onto our processing and packaging facility to take responsibility for our business energy consumption. In 2020 we made the switch (before it was cool) and changed our packaging from single use plastic to reusable and recyclable glass jars. We are so excited and pumped for 2023 and looking forward to partnering alongside an Aussie born environmental initiative called “Take 3 for the Sea”.


Take 3 For The Sea is focused on everybody participating in a small action often to achieve significant and long lasting environmental change. It’s so simple that our girls look forward to doing it each time we go to the beach or park. In essence, pick up at least three pieces of rubbish before you leave the public space and dispose of them in the correct manner. It’s a grass roots ground swell vibe whereby anyone at any time at any age can become empowered to make the future brighter for our oceans.


In fact, this past Christmas we went to a beach in Sydney and picked up a supermarket paper bag full of rubbish. The whole process took about 15 minutes, we connected as a family and afterwards our girls were so stoked to be doing something for the turtles and dolphins.


So how is Take 3 and Barefoot Farm teaming up? From February 1st 2023 we will be donating a percentage of every online purchase to their cause. We want to give back to these guys and help spread their word. That means when you buy any Barefoot Farm, Goodie Ball or Botanical Gold product you will be contributing directly to Take 3 and helping their education and awareness programs. And remember, next time you and your family are out in a public space, take 5 minutes in your day to pick up three pieces of rubbish and pop them in the bin…and be part of the change. 


On a quick side note, late last year Take 3 was announced the winner of the Energy Globe World Award for Sustainability. This isn’t some back of the breakfast cereal type award; it’s a prestigious environmental prize that recognises an individuals or organisations commitment to projects that solve environmental issues (source: https://www.take3.org/take-3-for-the-sea-scoops-coveted-energy-globe-world-award-at-stunning-ceremony-in-vienna-austria/).


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